‘Inspired, Connected and Prepared to be Our Best’

At Millfields, our ethos and vision is that we want our children to develop a love of learning and to be inspired by a wide variety of experiences and opportunities that will enable them to enjoy the richness of life, now and in their futures. Through a challenging and broad curriculum, including the teaching of essential life skills and values, they will leave us well equipped for the next stage of their education and lives. We aim for our children to become successful and well rounded individuals, both personally and academically, who can flourish within modern society and make a difference to the world in which they live. During their time with us, our children will be valued members of a caring and nurturing community who meaningfully engage within the school community, the wider local community locality and beyond. 

Through this vision we aim to:
- Have high expectations of our whole school community, by challenging everyone to aim high, show resilience and achieve to the best of their ability.

- Provide an inspiring, broad and balanced curriculum for our pupils which provides challenge and promotes curiosity, creativity, resilience and independence, while instilling a love of learning.

- Work collaboratively with our families, the local community and the wider community to provide the best opportunities and experiences for our children and school.

- Prepare our children successfully for life in the future and the wider world by supporting them in developing essential life skills and greater global awareness.

- Provide a safe, nurturing and happy learning environment in which our children and staff can thrive, academically and personally.

- Encourage our children to appreciate the wonders of the world in which we live and to become environmentally intelligent so that they are equipped to tackle the future challenges facing our global community.

- Encourage responsibility and provide leadership opportunities for our children which will enable them to make a difference to our school but also to the world in which they will live in the future.

- Ensure that all of our children leave us as compassionate, open-minded, tolerant, fair, respectful and responsible citizens who embrace diversity and are confident to contribute to local and global communities.