At Millfields Primary School all staff work to ensure that that students are physically active for sustained periods of time and that children are given many opportunities to engage in sport. Through this activity, students develop various attitudes, skills and knowledge. Competitive sports are used to instill an understanding of sportsmanship and create reflective attitudes towards their performances, personal bests.  Sport and exercise are taught to develop confidence, self-esteem, and students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning. Students will be taught across a range of topic areas: Personal, Social, Applying Physical, Cognitive, Creative, and Health and Fitness.  

Our curriculum is fully inclusive and careful planning is undertaken to ensure P.E lessons inspire and include pupils irrespective of ability, race, background or gender. Staff training and monitoring across the subject will be used to strive to deliver lessons that allow students to reach their full potential, providing a clear path of progression from EYFS to Year 6. P.E lessons aim to prepare children for the challenges of secondary school P.E and with a lifelong commitment to exercise. 


Sport and exercise will be used to create healthy movement habits for all. Students will be offered an exciting and varied curriculum providing a diverse range of sporting opportunities  that are differentiated for all backgrounds and abilities. These lessons will comprise 1.5 to 2 hours per week at KS1 and KS2 and complemented by the completion of the Daily Mile each day. Staff will use progressive, systematic and sequenced assessment targets to give meaningful feedback for students to act upon. In this way, pupils will develop skills and knowledge from EYFS to Year 6 and prepare for future challenges in the subject. Timely reflection on curriculum and quality of delivery, including staff and pupil voice, will be used to continually develop P.E lessons.   

A wide variety of extra-curricular sporting activities will be provided for children. Inter-house events within school and additional opportunities through our cluster group of schools including pathways to district and county competitions as well as links with our feeder secondary school and the University.  Further competitive opportunities made available through the CDPSSA  (Clacton District  Primary  School  Sports  Association).  Communication of these opportunities and successes will be shared across staff, students and parents/carers. Sports Premium grant will be used strategically to ensure best possible resourcing for the subject.  


All pupils engage in sport fairly through differentiated learning. Children are highly engaged with sport in school, having a favourable view of the subject and they are motivated to develop and practice activities outside of lessons. Pupils can master their skills through repetition and consolidation, with curriculum provision tailored around scaffolding from EYFS to Year 6. Pupils achieve their personal best within the subject and are well prepared for the next stage of their education.

Pupils have opportunities to develop skills, healthy lifestyles, leadership and teamwork and grow in confidence towards a point where they can self-assess and set own developmental goals. Pupils are able to recognise and celebrate success along with identifying mistakes and learning opportunities. Student enjoyment of PE lessons encourages them to participate in additional activities. Teachers feel supported to plan and deliver engaging lessons establishing a philosophy of the joy of movement. Pupils are provided with opportunities to engage with competitive sport at all levels .

Physical Education (P.E.) Leader - Mr Sean Congram

Physical Education (P.E.) Link Governor - Mr Andrew Foster

Part of the Health team.