Headteacher's welcome

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our happy, vibrant school.

Our aim is to provide high quality learning for your child in a caring environment. Children who enjoy their learning remain curious, focused and aspire to achieve their very best. We develop this love of learning through our exciting curriculum and very good teaching from our dedicated staff. We support every child’s social and emotional development and have high expectations of behaviour and attainment.

Millfields is a happy school. Staff pride themselves on taking a holistic approach, knowing what excites or concerns each child and taking real care of their personal development. Children feel safe in their learning environment to explore and learn from their experiences. They develop in confidence, become independent and in this way their own individual talents flourish.

The school’s curriculum is theme based and integrated. The children are encouraged to adapt quickly to a day that is full and rich in interest and variety. Our objective is that all children should leave us at eleven years old confidently able to apply skills and knowledge in English, mathematics, science and computing. The child’s natural enthusiasm for books, painting, music and physical activities, for handling and touching, for seeing and exploring, for making and enquiring will have been developed.

Our aim is to pass on to the secondary school, children for whom school is an exciting place, rich in a wide range of experiences.

We believe that we can only achieve the best for your child by close cooperation between home and school. There will be many opportunities for you to share in your child’s education and we are always available to talk to you about any aspect of your child’s well-being, progress and development.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Natasha Bennett