Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.” – Plato

Millfields Primary School values the contribution that the arts have to play in a well rounded and diverse curriculum. Music is an integral part of this and we follow the guidance of the Model Music Curriculum, supported by resources from the Essex Music Hub and its Charanga programme, to provide exciting and progressive music provision.

The main strands of our music curriculum are:

- Singing, Playing and Performing

- Listening and Musicianship

- Improvising and Composing

Our intention is to create an environment in which pupils feel inspired and connected through exposure to  a large range of musical cultures and styles. Pupils will be given the opportunity to play a large range of instruments, from Reception onwards. Woodwind instruments provide the spine of performance progression through the school, beginning with recorders before moving onto TOOTs (a simplified flute) and, finally, larger scale ensemble sessions in Key Stage 2.

Alongside this we are privileged to have an African Drumming instructor on our staff who teaches children throughout the school and gradually builds their understanding of rhythm and performance through the use of djembe drums.

Composition is achieved in a range of ways, in combination with other artistic areas, giving pupils many ways in which to engage in this area. Formal traditional notation is used but more abstract and creative ways of composing are encouraged to build imagination and innovation in a safe, supportive environment.

Listening and evaluating is embedded throughout the school environment, such as through our composer curiosity provision where children have exposure to particular artists over an extended period of time. More focussed investigation of particular composers is aligned to our curriculum themes.

Overall, the music provision at Millfields is intended to encourage the love of music and awareness of the huge range of benefits that it can bring: improving mental health, building confidence, pattern recognition and sheer enjoyment. We want children to leave our school with the confidence to express themselves in unique and exciting ways. 

Music Leader - Mr James Fry

Music Link Governor - Mrs Gail Bennett

Part of the Arts team.