Our aim at Millfields Primary School is that every child in our school has access to a high-quality music education through listening, singing, playing, composing and analysing across a wide variety of historical eras, styles, traditions and musical genres. We want music to be seen as another way of expressing thoughts and feelings which is promoted through positive and engaging experiences. We want children to experience working collaboratively in composing and performing music and to be able to express themselves creatively so that they can develop intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. Our aim is for children to be inspired by music which can be nurtured through their time at Millfields Primary School.


Music is taught throughout the school within practical and creative activities using music resources available for teachers and children. We predominantly use the Charanga Music Scheme which supports all the requirements of the National Curriculum (2014) and also our End Points.

For two terms, music is taught by the class teacher using the Charanga Music Scheme. The third term is taught by an African Drumming specialist who focuses on rhythm, tone, dynamics and composition work. This specialist teaching is available to all children in the school each year. Specialist teachers are also provided to teach group lessons in Year 4 for woodwind and brass.


Children at Millfields Primary School have access to a rich and varied music education and the impact of this is that every child will achieve excellent progress, according to their individual needs. Every child in the school has the opportunity to learn and play a musical instrument. The children have 10, 20 minute lessons every term for one year in Year 4. These lessons and instrument hire are free of charge from the Essex Music Service. The children can choose from the following list of instruments: clarinet, flute, saxophone, trumpet, euphonium and trombone. Specialist teachers provide the lessons in small groups. At the end of each year of tuition, the children are offered the opportunity to book peripatetic lessons in their chosen instrument at their own cost.

Peripatetic teachers visit Millfields regularly to offer instrumental tuition to pupils on a wide variety of instruments including: woodwind, piano, guitar, strings and brass. 

Extra-curricular clubs are available from Y2 to Y6.  

These include: recorders, choir, drumming and Rock Steady.

Music is celebrated in performance including:

Music Leader - Mr James Fry

Music Link Governor - Mr Dave Roscoe 

Part of the Arts team.