'RE is so important today because it enables young people to understand the world. It is imperative that how they choose to live is informed by the history and the wisdom of our elders.' Solly Irving

At Millfields Primary School, we are dedicated to providing high-quality Religious Education (RE) that empowers our pupils to enhance their religious literacy. Within the framework of our curriculum, religious literacy means equipping our students with the skills to engage in balanced and well-informed discussions about religion and various worldviews. We aim to help our pupils make sense of the diverse tapestry of religions and worldviews that surround them, fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate global landscape they inhabit. Our RE programme is fundamentally about nurturing free-thinking, critical minds that actively participate in public discourse. We strive to enable our students to make academically informed judgments on important matters of religion and belief, which play a vital role in shaping the global landscape.

Here at Millfields Primary School, we follow the Essex Agreed Syllabus of 2022, which reflects significant advancements in religious and worldview education. This syllabus provides a challenging and enriching educational experience for all our students. Our approach values the richness of lived experiences and the diversity present within and between various religious and belief traditions. We encourage our children and young learners to engage critically with life's profound questions. All of our topics in RE start with a big question. Big questions naturally pique students' curiosity and interest and require students to think critically, analyse different perspectives, and develop their reasoning skills. Big questions also relate to real-world issues, such as morality, ethics, cultural diversity, and global conflicts. Addressing these questions helps students apply their learning to real-life situations, fostering a sense of responsibility and ethical awareness.

The syllabus promotes a multidisciplinary exploration of religion and worldviews, cultivating our students' knowledge, critical thinking abilities, and their natural curiosity about the world they inhabit. Our aim is to prepare them not only for life within the vibrant and diverse County of Essex but also for their journeys in the broader world, where they will encounter a vast array of ideas and beliefs.

The Essex Agreed Syllabus aims for children:
- To know about and understand a range of religious and non-religious worldviews by learning to see these through theological, philosophical and human/social science lenses.
- To express ideas and insights about the nature, significance and impact of religious and non-religious worldviews through a multidisciplinary approach.
- To gain and deploy skills rooted in theology, philosophy and the human/social sciences engaging critically with religious and non-religious worldviews.

At Millfields Primary School, we are committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals who can navigate the complexities of our global society with empathy, understanding, and respect for diverse perspectives.

Religious Education (R.E.) Leader - Mr Will Tetley

Religious Education (R.E.) Link Governor - Mr Andrew Foster

Part of the Humanities team.