At Millfields our curriculum is driven by the need to prepare our children for lifelong learning. Based on the requirements of the national curriculum it is rich, broad and ambitious for all learners. It develops our children’s essential knowledge, skills and understanding which are the building blocks for their continuing education at secondary school and indeed their later life.

Our aim is to enrich every child’s school experience by creating a caring learning environment where they are encouraged to challenge themselves, learn from mistakes, believe in their potential and celebrate the achievements of all. Through the curriculum, new skills, learning and experiences help to nurture resilience, curiosity and creativity. We want to ensure that our children have the resilience to overcome barriers, are equipped to be effective learners and have the social skills to be valuable and caring members of the community.

To learn well, children must approach opportunities with curiosity, energy and enthusiasm. Alongside the Thrive Approach, Essex Steps and Trauma Perception Practice, the following are central to the curriculum:

Active Learning - Motivation:
- seek out and enjoy challenges
- collaborate with and learn from others
- show commitment and perseverance
- assess themselves and others

Playing & Exploring - Engagement:
- speak clearly and convey ideas confidently
- read and communicate efficiently and apply skills to solve problems
- use technologies confidently and purposefully

Creative & Critical Thinking - Thinking:
- ask questions to extend their thinking
- generate ideas and explore possibilities
- connect ideas and experiences

We aim for depth of learning across all subjects, so knowledge is carefully sequenced and integrated across and within year groups. This is achieved through termly foci. These are:

Autumn TermInspire (History Focus)

Spring TermCreate (D.T. & Geography Focus)

Summer TermAchieve (Art & Music Focus)

Other subjects are linked to these foci or taught discretely as appropriate.