Pupil voice

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Pupil voice at Millfields Primary School is a whole-school commitment to listening to the views, wishes and experience of all children. It means placing value on what children tell our staff about their experiences.

At Millfields Primary School, we believe that encouraging our pupils to participate in pupil leadership roles helps them to develop a range of personal skills and qualities, that align with our vision and ethos, along with benefiting the children and the wider school community.

There are many leadership opportunities for pupils to contribute to the life of our school. These include:
- School Council
- Eco Council
- Sports Council
- Librarians

Members of staff oversee each of the pupil leadership roles and follow an application process when appointing new pupil leaders. Regular meetings are held throughout the academic year to continually develop and sustain a positive impact across the school and beyond.

School Council

Eco Council
The Eco Council at Millfields has recently initiated its meetings, marking the beginning of a concerted effort to address the issue of waste generation within our school community. One of our primary focal points is analysing the waste produced both by the school itself and by other students. We are going to explore ways to enhance our recycling practices and minimise our environmental footprint. Additionally, we are working on ideas to keep our playground clean and litter-free. 

Sports Council
Millfields primary school sports council serves as a pupil-led body dedicated to fostering a vibrant sports culture within the school community. Their responsibilities encompass organising various sports events such as inter-class competitions and sports days, advocating for the importance of physical activity, and representing pupil voices regarding sports and physical education. Additionally, they assist in maintaining sports equipment and facilities, ensure inclusivity in sports activities, and promote values of sportsmanship, fair play and physical literacy among children. Ultimately, the sports council plays a pivotal role in encouraging active and healthy lifestyles among their peers while creating an inclusive and enjoyable sporting environment within the school.

How we became librarians
We had to write a letter to Mrs Smith telling her why we would be good for the role of librarian. She chose based on how we wrote it and judged if we were passionate about it. She chose:
Y6M Magdalene and Florence.
Y6F Chloe and Bruno.
Y5 Frankie, Florence, Jessica and Daisy.
Y4 Wolfy and Isla
Y3 Iris
We are all very happy that we got chosen to be a librarian!

What we do in our meetings
Although our meetings are rare, we do have some. In our first meeting we got matching Librarian notebooks, arranged a book fair and spoke about what we would do on World Book Day. After World Book Day, our meetings are mostly about organising the books in our school library. In the next few weeks we will be ordering some new books for the library and designing posters for the walls. 

Pupil Voice Link Governor - Mrs Libby Britcher