Pupil voice

Pupil voice at Millfields Primary School is a whole-school commitment to listening to the views, wishes and experience of all children. It means placing value on what children tell our staff about their experiences.

School Council 

'The School Council make lots of decisions about the school. We have already made decisions about playground equipment, after-school clubs and have held meetings about fund-raising. Last year we even introduced recycling to the school! We love meeting together and each of us taking turns explaining our ideas to the group.'

Led by Mr Will Tetley


'The school librarians care for books, help to organise the library and promote reading. We meet every other week to talk about what needs to be done. We are always looking for ways to improve our school library and classroom book corners. Sometimes we order new books. We want to encourage everyone to enjoy reading.' 

Led by Mrs Rachel Smith

Sports Council 

'The Sports Council helps organise PE and sports events in school. We have regular meetings to discuss PE and Sport. The councilors make decisions alongside teachers to maintain positive attitudes towards sport

Led by Mr Sean Congram

Eco Council 

'The Eco Council is all about looking after the environment. We meet every other week and talk about what we can do around the school to help the environment. We want everyone to recycle as much as they can and not just throw everything into the bin. This year we hope to make a difference to our school grounds by reducing litter, making our nature trail a nicer place and reduce the waste our school throws away.'

Led by Mr James Fry

Wellbeing Champions 

'The Wellbeing Champions are a group of children who help children with difficulties such as mental health. We talk to people when they feel worries or anxious. We help children who might feel stressed with their work. We buddy up with some of the infant children who might struggle at playtime and lunchtime.' 

Led by Mrs Lydia Crane

Newspaper Club 

'The Millfields Reporters meet every Tuesday and write about what is going on around the school. We are currently interviewing teachers to find out about different topics, getting the inside scoop!'

Led by Mrs Kathryn Russell

Pupil Voice Link Governor - Mrs Gail Bennett