If we want children to move mountains we first have to get them out of their chairs.” – Nicolette Sowder

Millfields is dedicated to embracing outdoor learning as part of our educational ethos, extending beyond the boundaries of Forest School. Extensive research has consistently shown that outdoor learning experiences are highly effective in developing cognitive skills, surpassing the outcomes of traditional classroom-based learning (Justin Dillon et al, 2016). Recognizing the immense benefits, we have seamlessly integrated outdoor learning into our regular classroom activities.

At Millfields, we believe that most subjects can be effectively taught in outdoor settings, ranging from mathematics to art. Our school grounds encompass two expansive fields, two well-equipped playgrounds, a designated Forest School area, a wildlife garden, and an engaging gym trail. These spaces have been thoughtfully designed to enhance our students' learning experiences. Equipped with ample picnic benches, capable of accommodating an entire class, we also possess a diverse array of resources to facilitate outdoor lessons. Whether it's stepping outside the classroom, venturing beyond the confines of the school hall, or utilising the club room, the mere act of being in a new environment can greatly stimulate creative thinking and enhance the learning process.

We draw inspiration from evidence of the positive impact of outdoor learning "England's largest outdoor learning project reveals children more motivated to learn when outside" (Natural Learning, 2016), which reinforces our team's commitment to infusing this motivation throughout our curriculum. By weaving the excitement and engagement generated by outdoor learning into our teaching methods, we strive to cultivate a vibrant and dynamic learning environment for our students.

Forest School
Children in Reception have one Forest School session per week throughout the whole year.

Years 1 - 6 have a weekly session for one half term per year. The half term that they have changes each academic year so that they can see the changes to the Forest School area throughout the seasons. 

Mrs Owl also runs weekly well-being sessions in small groups throughout the year. 

Forest School Leader - Mrs Jennie Martin-Cooke

Forest School Link Governor -  Mrs Gail Bennett

Part of the Outdoor Learning team. 

Outdoor Learning Leader - Miss Lorraine Huckle

Outdoor Learning Link Governor -  Mrs Gail Bennett

Part of the Outdoor Learning team.