PGL 2023


Today we got the coach to Bawdsey Manor (PGL). We met our instructor, called Rian, and he gave us a tour of PGL. He took us up to our rooms, we brought our suitcases up (the girls had the help of Rian while the boys had to bring their suitcases up by themselves). After a while of free time outside, we lined up for dinner. The dinner was delicious: it was lasagna, katsu curry, and for dessert we had cake. After that, we went to the campfire and sung a few crazy songs. Then we went to our rooms had showers and got changed for bed.

From Harry and Sham

On the Tuesday of PGL, we did a variety of activities ranging from calm activities such as canoeing to adrenalin rushing thrill rides from deadly heights. The first activity Felix did was fencing and the first activity Lucie did was The Giant Swing. The Fencing was very hot in the suit and the mask was warm and sweaty too the swords were very intimidating. The Giant Swing was exhilarating and it was really high up. You were launched through the air and your stomach turned upside down! Lucie went with Emily and Miles on the ride.

Overall, this is one of the best experiences ever. Year 6 are so lucky to experience this amazing journey in Bawdsey Manor.

Finally, a huge happy birthday to Sham!

Lucie and Felix

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Note from Mr Tetley: there are a lot more photos, but I've been having trouble uploading so many. Here are just a small selection.


Today year six had a wide range of activities including: climbing wall, rifle shooting, archery and orienteering. The first activity for Dylan (and group 2) was rifle shooting he really enjoyed aiming for tiny targets on paper and got 15 points. Tobyn, who is in group 3, did archery with are teacher Mrs Holyman. Tobyn liked the holiday game where you write down 4 places, 4 famous people, 4 modes of transport and the budget. Where your place depends on were you hit on the bullseye. Everybody loved dinner which was cheesy meatballs or curry. We also had jam donuts for pudding.


Dylan and Tobyn


Today year six had their penultimate day of fun packed activities, and making the day one to remember we finished the day off with the ultimate game of live action Cluedo before bed. In the early morning we did the challenge course and abseiling. Then in the afternoon we had buggy building and ziplining; at 5:30 we went to the shop for the second time this week. Our meals were:

. break-fast- hashbrowns, bacon, beans, toast, vegie sausages, a selection of cereal and yogurts.

. lunch-bolognaise or ratatouille(vegie)and garlic bread.

. dinner-sausage pasta bake or stew.

From Milly and Sam